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AEL084Timothée MUNSCH2 days ago
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European AEVA Tour #2
This tour is active.
My Status: N/A

To embelish our flights this summer, Eric (AEL011) has refined for us a nice tour rather oriented "heavy", but, of course, which can be performed with any aircraft...

With this tour we will visit the main European capitals, but also will lead us to the gates of the East and Maghreb.

No less than 46 steps to perform over time and according to our flight availability ...

A special award will reward the achievement of this tour, and in addition, if ,at the arrival of each step you post a photo of the arrival airport, you will also be rewarded with an award "Photographer"

So, go to your yoke or sidestick and have safe flights!

All steps must be performed on the IVAO network (with current weather).
Steps must be performed in order.
Flights must be made ​​in real time (simulation rate x1 - prohibits accelerated mode).
The speed restriction IAS <250kts below FL100 must be respected.
Choose the aircraft you think is most appropriate for each step.
IFR direct permission is allowed only with ATC clearance.
In VFR, follow the rules for visual flight and be in VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions).
You can choose your flight rules (VFR, IFR or Mixed).
You can fly multiple steps per day.
All pilot having completed all the steps with the requirements will be rewarded with an award

1AELLFST (Strasbourg Strasbourg Entzheim)LEIB (Ibiza Ibiza)FREE (F-XXXX)674 NM1:50
2AELLEIB (Ibiza Ibiza)LFPO (Paris Paris Orly)FREE (F-XXXX)614 NM1:50
3AELLFPO (Paris Paris Orly)DAAG (Algiers Houari Boumediene)FREE (F-XXXX)742 NM1:55
4AELDAAG (Algiers Houari Boumediene)LFQQ (Lille Lille Lesquin)FREE (F-XXXX)897 NM2:45
5AELLFQQ (Lille Lille Lesquin)LEBL (Barcelona Barcelona)FREE (F-XXXX)582 NM1:50
6AELLEBL (Barcelona Barcelona)EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol)FREE (F-XXXX)719 NM1:40
7AELEHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol)ENBR (Bergen Flesland)FREE (F-XXXX)518 NM1:35
8AELENBR (Bergen Flesland)EDDF (Frankfurt/Main Frankfurt)FREE (F-XXXX)835 NM2:30
9AELEDDF (Frankfurt/Main Frankfurt)EGLL (London Heathrow)FREE (F-XXXX)369 NM1:20
10AELEGLL (London Heathrow)LSZH (Zurich Zurich)FREE (F-XXXX)454 NM1:35
11AELLSZH (Zurich Zurich)LGAV (Athens Eleftherios Venizelos)FREE (F-XXXX)954 NM2:32
12AELLGAV (Athens Eleftherios Venizelos)LFPG (Paris Paris Charles de Gaulle)FREE (F-XXXX)1 186 NM3:07
13AELLFPG (Paris Paris Charles de Gaulle)ESSA (Stockholm Arlanda)FREE (F-XXXX)865 NM2:15
14AELESSA (Stockholm Arlanda)LIRF (Rome Fiumicino)FREE (F-XXXX)1 112 NM3:00
15AELLIRF (Rome Fiumicino)LEMD (Madrid Barajas)FREE (F-XXXX)764 NM1:55
16AELLEMD (Madrid Barajas)LFPO (Paris Paris Orly)FREE (F-XXXX)568 NM1:40
17AELLFPO (Paris Paris Orly)LEBL (Barcelona Barcelona)FREE (F-XXXX)457 NM1:20
18AELLEBL (Barcelona Barcelona)EDDH (Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel)FREE (F-XXXX)934 NM2:20
19AELEDDH (Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel)LSGG (Geneva Cointrin)FREE (F-XXXX)484 NM1:20
20AELLSGG (Geneva Cointrin)LFRB (Brest Brest Guipavas)FREE (F-XXXX)516 NM1:40
21AELLFRB (Brest Brest Guipavas)LEMG (Malaga Malaga)FREE (F-XXXX)738 NM2:07
22AELLEMG (Malaga Malaga)EBBR (Brussels Brussels)FREE (F-XXXX)938 NM2:20
23AELEBBR (Brussels Brussels)LEMD (Madrid Barajas)FREE (F-XXXX)710 NM2:05
24AELLEMD (Madrid Barajas)LIRF (Rome Fiumicino)FREE (F-XXXX)720 NM2:10
25AELLIRF (Rome Fiumicino)LPPT (Lisbon Lisbon)FREE (F-XXXX)995 NM2:45
26AELLPPT (Lisbon Lisbon)LTAC (Ankara Esenboga)FREE (F-XXXX)1 938 NM4:50
27AELLTAC (Ankara Esenboga)ESSA (Stockholm Arlanda)FREE (F-XXXX)1 304 NM3:30
28AELESSA (Stockholm Arlanda)LGAV (Athens Eleftherios Venizelos)FREE (F-XXXX)1 326 NM3:35
29AELLGAV (Athens Eleftherios Venizelos)LOWW (Vienna Schwechat)FREE (F-XXXX)692 NM2:00
30AELLOWW (Vienna Schwechat)EGLL (London Heathrow)FREE (F-XXXX)688 NM2:00
31AELEGLL (London Heathrow)LBSF (Sofia Sofia)FREE (F-XXXX)1 103 NM3:00
32AELLBSF (Sofia Sofia)EPWA (Warsaw Okecie)FREE (F-XXXX)578 NM1:45
33AELEPWA (Warsaw Okecie)EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol)FREE (F-XXXX)595 NM1:50
34AELEHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol)LHBP (Budapest Ferihegy)FREE (F-XXXX)632 NM1:50
35AELLHBP (Budapest Ferihegy)EIDW (Dublin Dublin)FREE (F-XXXX)1 035 NM2:50
36AELEIDW (Dublin Dublin)LSZH (Zurich Zurich)FREE (F-XXXX)669 NM2:00
37AELLSZH (Zurich Zurich)LYBE (Belgrade Beograd)FREE (F-XXXX)514 NM1:45
38AELLYBE (Belgrade Beograd)EBBR (Brussels Brussels)FREE (F-XXXX)703 NM2:00
39AELEBBR (Brussels Brussels)LROP (Bucharest Henri Coanda)FREE (F-XXXX)949 NM2:20
40AELLROP (Bucharest Henri Coanda)LFPO (Paris Paris Orly)FREE (F-XXXX)1 041 NM2:50
41AELLFPO (Paris Paris Orly)LFML (Marseille Marseille Provence)FREE (F-XXXX)342 NM1:10
42AELLFML (Marseille Marseille Provence)LFQQ (Lille Lille Lesquin)FREE (F-XXXX)467 NM1:20
43AELLFQQ (Lille Lille Lesquin)LEPA (Palma De Mallorca Palma De Mallorca)FREE (F-XXXX)679 NM2:00
44AELLEPA (Palma De Mallorca Palma De Mallorca)ELLX (Luxembourg Luxembourg)FREE (F-XXXX)651 NM1:50
45AELELLX (Luxembourg Luxembourg)LEIB (Ibiza Ibiza)FREE (F-XXXX)726 NM2:00
46AELLEIB (Ibiza Ibiza)LFST (Strasbourg Strasbourg Entzheim)FREE (F-XXXX)674 NM2:00

Pilots Progress:
Jacques MOHAMEDI27/46 (59%)
Jerome COVINI27/46 (59%)
Sylvain FUCHS22/46 (48%)
Christophe MIMEUR21/46 (46%)
Patrick CHAUVILLE12/46 (26%)
Pascal PAILLART11/46 (24%)
Ali MAHAMANE OUHOU7/46 (15%)
Hugo DESPREZ5/46 (11%)
Jean BENOIT3/46 (7%)
Patrick TEBOUL3/46 (7%)
Tour finished:
Edouard ROGER
Eric IM
Etienne ZOUDE
Jean-Michel GOETSCHY
Jean-Pierre NICOLE
Mathias EUDET
Olivier CABROL
Philippe FAVRE